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Faith Circus and their new album Turn Up The Band - is now available.

The MRR release of Faith Circus Turn Up The Band will feature some real bonus material for fans!

First - there is the brand new 10 track studio album which will build on what the debut album offered back in 2008. But not only that - for those purchasing the CD release - you will get the band's debut album as a bonus disc - totally re-mixed from the original release and featuring two additional bonus tracks (13 songs total). The songs are "Heroes" and a remake of the 1981 classic James Bond tune "For Your Eyes Only" - this time sung as a duet with the insanely talented Robin Beck!

Andrew McNeice: "I love the enthusiasm and the energy of these guys. And I love the attitude of the songs on this new album. In your face at all times, even when bringing it down a notch for a few really melodic numbers – and one monster ballad! The best of both world's on this album - attitude and melody. Looking forward to delivering it into the hands of those that loved the debut and a swag of new fans also."

The Faith Circus album will be released September 23 and is distributed by Cargo Records UK.

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