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Joe Cerisano is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer who has the distinction of possessing one of the most familiar voices in America. With musical influences as diverse as Elvis Presley, Little Richard, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Sam and Dave, Joe developed a singing style that absorbed this wide variety of influences, mixing them with his native West Virginia dialect created a classic and original American singer's voice.

Traveling to the west coast in the early 80’s Joe formed the now legendary California rock band 'Silver Condor' with guitarist Earl Slick (i.e. David Bowie and John Lennon) on Columbia Records. In 1981, Silver Condor released their debut album and had the Top 40 hit "You Could Take My Heart Away." Silver Condor released their sophomore effort "Trouble at Home" in 1983. It boasted an all-star cast including Neal Schon (Journey, Santana), Clarence Clemmons (E Street Band), Waddy Wachtel (Stevie Nicks), Kenny Aaronson (Derringer, Billy Idol) and Steve Plunket (Autograph).
Joe has continued to be a prolific songwriter and is set to release Joe Cerisano’s Silver Condor - “Studio Cuts, Rarities and Live across America”.


Track Listing:

CD 1
01. For The Sake of Survival (Demo)
02. It's Over (Demo)
03. Standing In The Rain (Demo)
04. Sayin' Goodbye (Demo)
05. I Wanna Thank You (Demo)
06. Goin' For Broke (Taken From ‘Silver Condor’)
07. Trouble At Home (Taken From ‘Trouble At Home’)
08. Goin' Out On The Town (Taken From ‘Trouble At Home’)
09. Holdin' On (Barely) (Taken From ‘Trouble At Home’)
10. Something to Believe In (Unreleased)
11. 500 Miles (Unreleased)
12. Healing Hand (Unreleased)
13. Your Turn To Cry (Unreleased)
14. That's What Writes The Book (Unreleased)
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